About Us


Settle4Less’ mission is to provide both debtors and creditors/collectors a neutral platform to post/accept offers to buy an individual’s delinquent accounts for a lesser % of the full amount of the outstanding debt. This is accomplished through an online system that allows a debtor to create and post an offer. The creditor can then choose to accept, decline, or ignore the offer. We are providing this as an additional solution to consumers who cannot pay what they owe, and creditors/collectors that are having trouble collecting on delinquent or charged-off debt. A neutral platform eliminates the stigma attached with traditional debt collection and encourages getting out of debt with a level of dignity.

The founders of Settle4Less created the platform from their own experiences in dealing with non-paying customers. After sending demand letters, working with collection agencies, and threatening legal action they were left with no other choices. They reluctantly had to walk away from the money owed to them. Without payment their cash flow was limited, which prevented them from growing their business. They needed another solution that was both non-confrontational and successful.

We are always looking to improve our online platform. Please provide any feedback by contacting us directly or through Email, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.