Welcome to Settle4Less

Settle4Less’ mission is to provide both debtors and creditors/collectors a neutral platform to post/accept settlement offers for a lesser % of the full amount of the individual’s or company’s outstanding debt. This is accomplished by using the Debt Capture method through an online system allowing a debtor to create and post a settlement offer. The creditor/service provider or collector can then choose to accept, decline, or ignore the offer. We are providing this as an additional solution to debtors, who cannot pay what they owe, and creditors/service providers or collectors that are having trouble collecting on delinquent or charged-off debt. A neutral platform eliminates the stigma attached with traditional debt collection and encourages a repayment of debt with a level of dignity. We provide this method for debt payment/collection that is not hindered by regulations in the FDCPA and that is currently unavailable in the collections marketplace.