BYDT Initial Coin Offering

BuyYourDebts’ token launch (BYDT) is targeted for December 2017. The BYD tokens will be utilized in conjunction with our smart contracts. Tokens are expected to have a base value of $1USD each and expected to increase in the range of $3 to $9USD each after start of business operations. As popularity and usage increases we are projecting BYDTs to sell for greater than $12.
An estimated 5 million $1 tokens will be made available during and after the initial launch. Tokens will be repurchased by consumer clients of the BuyYourDebts platform when they need to generate a smart contract for the sale of their debt. The specific token value will be correlated to the final purchase amount reflected in the debt sale. Some contracts may push the token value over $20USD. Tokens will retain their base value of $1 and will be repurchased upon request or investors can trade them on the digital currency market.
More info to come…

Crowdfund Your Debt Purchase

How you got to where you’re at financially is beside the point of this blog post. The cold hard facts are that you have very little money to pay your debts, your delinquent accounts are defaulting and being charged-off, your credit scores are making everything cost more, and debt collectors are talking about suing.

In an attempt to avoid the collection calls and take a breather from the overwhelming weight of debt you’re carrying, you have effectively shut yourself off from world. Maybe a few others close to you are aware of your struggles, but everyone else hasn’t got a clue. You are not alone. Many others react the same way, hiding their debt burdens so as not to be judged. It is an embarrassing and humiliating situation that millions of people are dealing with today. It has become the norm, which makes “now” the time to open up about your finances.

Start telling everyone. Remember, 1 out of 3 people you tell is dealing with the same things. And, those that aren’t struggling with debt might be willing to help with yours. As long as you remain silent you’ll never find the support and help in this time of need.

A great way to start raising funds, to get rid of some if not all of your debt, is through a crowdfunding campaign. After you create the campaign you will need to bring exposure to it. Begin with giving people the details in person. Then you can start sending out emails and telling your story on social media. Below is a sample of what should be included:

Dear Sarah (friend from high school),

Hope all is going well! I think the last time we hung out was at prom; what a fun night that was:)
Not sure if you saw my social media posts about my recent accident. The insanely high medical bills, along with being unable to work full time, led to me defaulting on all my debts. Since it is very unlikely that I will be able to pay the debts off in full or even over time, I’ve decided to take advantage of a new opportunity that will allow me to buy my debts for pennies on the dollar.

I’m currently raising money and could really use your help. I’ve only raised $148, but I’m struggling to reach $600 by the 23rd of this month. Even the smallest amount would get me closer to my goal, which will secure the purchase of several charged-off accounts and stop the never-ending collection calls and potentially being sued. I barely make enough at my job to then have my wages garnished. Oh those fun teen years when we didn’t have to worry about life’s burden of debt.

Please check out my crowdfunding campaign page here []. Sharing my campaign on Facebook and Twitter will also help, even if you can’t donate.
Thank you Sarah, in advance, for any support. Please email back if you have questions about my campaign or if you just want to catch up on the last 10 years.

With all my gratitude,

Kay C

Consider this, almost half of everyone you share your crowdfunding campaign with will donate to your cause. Tell 50 people and 25 will donate. The dollars will add up fast. Once you have reached your goal, then you can take care of those charged-off accounts once and for all.

Debt Buyer – Definition

Debt buyer
A debt buyer is a company, sometimes a collection agency or a private debt collection law firm, that purchases delinquent or charged-off debts from a creditor for a fraction of the face value of the debt. The debt buyer can then collect on its own, utilize the services of another collection agency, repackage and resell portions of the purchased portfolio or any combination of these options. (

Why Should You Buy Your Own Debt?

For one, it is the least expensive solution to dealing with old charge-charged off debts. For those that are already struggling financially, being able to pay only around 15% of what they owe makes more sense than the hassle to negotiate a settlement for more than 35%.

Another great reason; stop all collections and potentially being sued. No one else will have the legal authority to try and collect a debt you own. And, as an added bonus, your purchase debt will no longer be reported to the credit bureaus.

Maybe, just maybe, you want to crowdfund your debt purchase. When creating a crowdfunding campaign you can tell your audience that their donations will be used for a debt purchase, which will have a greater value and all-around impact. Who wants to give you money to settle when they can help eliminate your debt instead.

And finally, you will acquire a debt-based asset, which retains its face-value. So, if the total owed on your charged-off debt was $1000, and even though you only paid $150, you would now have a $1000 personal asset. As you know, personal assets can be used as collateral. Now that’s cool.

There are many more benefits to buying your debt. I think you should seriously consider debt purchase as the first alternative if you can’t payoff your account in full.

Which of Your Friends or Family Members are Delinquent?

More than one out of three people are struggling everyday with debt in collections. There is a high likelihood of that person being someone close to you. However, it is unlikely that they will tell you. Delinquent debt is a well kept secret. Personal debt is not a normal conversation topic, the details of such would only be discussed behind closed doors.

By not openly talking about their struggles, those with debts they can’t pay will not find the help they need. If you’re not aware of their situation, then how can you help them? That’s the reason behind this blog post; helping those that really need help, even if you don’t know.

The easiest and least intrusive way to help, even if they didn’t tell you about suffering with debt, is to mention the solution. An example of this:

“Hey, did you hear that anyone can buy their own debt? If I couldn’t pay my debts I would totally buy them, instead of some random company doing it and then sending me to collections.” How about you?”

Remember, you can change the lives of 1 out of every 3 people you mention this to. They might not ever tell you about their debt troubles and how you helped them, but they will be eternally grateful nonetheless.